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Pillow is an important accessory that is used by many people who value comfort and beauty. The number of decorative pillows includes pillows of various shapes and types. In this page you will get acquainted with the bolster pillow, which is presented in a wide range.

Long bolster pillows

Long bolster pillow is suitable for many purposes. In the east they are used for decorating sofas and summer tapchans. They are very likely for people who like diversity. Bolster pillows are made of natural materials. Pillows provide a comfortable position of the cervical spine in lying down postures. 

Long decorative pillows

When choosing pillows, it is often worth paying attention to their convenience and design. The first creates comfort, and the second one pleases the eye. Here you can buy a long decorative pillow, which will decorate your house in oriental style. In our online-shop you find bolster pillows of any shades and sizes.