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Collectibles are things that are valued due to the time that is involved in collecting them. Although everything in this world has some value to it, but there are a few things that hold extreme value due to certain reasons. The reasons could be associated with their history or to their uniqueness, their quality of their price. There are several reasons that make something valuable and priceless. In home decoration there are various textiles that have immense value due to their history, making, material, process of color, etc. These are the textile materials known as antique. In textiles a material is not always determined by just seeing its appearance, but it has a long process of making that is involved, which makes it different from the rest. Antique textiles are not only unique but possess a level of quality that can not be matched to anything else. Whereas collectibles have value and importance due to which they are extensively collected. Such items might be pricey but they have an edge of importance attached to them. Among collectible textiles, vintage brass items hold an important place. Vintage brass items give your interior a traditional look by maintaining a contemporary feel to the house. The color of brass gives the vintage brass home decor items an old, but an antique look. However, different fabrics, vintage rugs and antiques are also among the collectible textiles that are widely available. Vintage rugs have their own beauty and quality while the antique decor items not only have quality but also show the extensive hard work that has been involved in its making. The extensive making of an item automatically increases the value of it. The fabric among the collectibles hold importance due to its weave structure, the colors used and the design involved. These three major design elements increase the value of the product giving it an extraordinary importance. We are offering a wide range of handmade, vintage brass home decor items. The extra ordinary warm and rich glow of copper and brass helps to enhance any home decor. Their shape and form comes from the actual traditional designs but have been re-invented with a multi purpose use. However, the selection of such items has been extensively performed in order to provide you with the best that's required. According to the requirements of the interior of your house, you can make a selection from our collectible items and choose what perfectly blends into the environment.