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The East at all times attracted not only by its mystery and exotics, but also with bright splendor, brilliance and luxury. Eastern woman from ancient times skillfully combined femininity, modesty, but, at the same time, beckoned with burning beauty. Attractiveness and seductive charm of the girl tried to emphasize with the help of oriental accessories, which are an integral part of the attractive charm of oriental ladies.

Artisan jewelry

Oriental women's jewelry is multifaceted. They can emphasize not only grace and modesty, but also extravagance of the image. Jewelry artisans have traditionally been performed by jewelers in the form of whole sets including bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and jewelry for the hair. In this way beautiful oriental women used to acquire impressive brightness. In the old days, masters decorated all kinds of women's jewelry with precious stones and pearls.

Artisan jewelry designers

Oriental jewelry is very bright and massive, and therefore they always attract much attention. Oriental rings, bracelets, pendants, designer eastern jewelry, presented on this page, are made of white metal, silver, copper and decorated with natural stones. The main stones that are used in decorations in the oriental style are turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite, chrysoprase, emerald, tiger's eye and other precious stones.

Here you can buy oriental jewelry decorated with oriental patterns and precious stones.

Handmade artisan jewelry

Special techniques which are used in the manufacture of oriental jewelry, make them unique. Handmade jewelry stores a special energy, absorbing all the negative. The master, choosing the decoration pattern, the model, and the stones attached to it, expresses his own inner world, his imaginary thoughts and fantasies, thereby creating a work of art. The artisan jewelry wholesale offered by us can transform your appearance and make you an oriental beauty and you it’s not necessary to wear anything extravagant.