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Is it possible to preserve your features and attractiveness without violating the traditions of the Eastern countries? Special design, a bold combination of tenderness and efficiency, traditional odor and modern trends - all this will undoubtedly emphasize your charm and will reveal the best sides of your figure. Eastern outfits from Grand bazaar  will underline your attractiveness, while you will never lose your modesty and mystery.

Asian and oriental clothing

Eastern clothing is a unique world of magical beauty. In Middle Asia clothing harmoniously combines all things which East is famous for - the richness of fabrics and ornaments, the brightness of flowers, the elegance of shapes and lines. Each dress, costume, frock coat and others reflect the originality of the multi-faceted asian clothing and oriental culture. As materials for oriental clothing are used natural cotton fabrics - adras or ikat. All products are made in view of current trends in fashion and style, but with the observance of ancient technologies.

Asian and oriental accessories

Luxurious textures, magnificent colors and amazing patterns will give your clothes a special color, but unique asian accessories will complement your image allow you to put the right accents. The image will be finished with the help of oriental accessories, namely earrings, chains, bracelets, tiaras decorated with precious stones, beads and beautiful patterns. From the whole assortment of products, you can find exactly one that will beautifully emphasize your femininity.

Turkish jewelry and accessories

Among modern jewelry, special attention is paid to Turkish jewelry, which perfectly harmonizes with evening and day dresses, business suits; each product is made according to the designer's individual design. Most clearly, turkish accessories in the eastern style are shown in the film dedicated to the romantic love story of Sultan Suleiman and the beautiful Hürrem. In the time of the Ottomans, jewelers did not skimp on inlaying jewelry with precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, giving them bizarre and fantasy forms. Skillful variation in decor and texture, a combination of shades and shapes makes turkish accessories unique and stylish.