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Kilim carpets in the interior

What comes to your mind when you hear about the Arabian East? Probably, endless deserts with picturesque oases, domes of Muslim mosques, fairy tales “1000 and 1 nights” and, of course, luxurious carpets. Despite the fact that this accessory has long been known in many cultures, it was the East that made the most significant […]

Ikat backpacks – a new trend that has conquered modern society

Backpacks came into fashion again. And no wonder. After all, it is very convenient to travel with them in a modern metropolis. The main advantage: the backpack can be worn behind the back, so the hands remain free. It is much more comfortable with it to walk around the city, to walk long distances. And […]

Royal silk – has become fashionable again?!

Once upon a time, one of the rulers of Margilan, who had four wives, decided to marry for the fifth time. He fell in love with the young beautiful daughter of the artist. The artist was upset upon hearing of the intention of the Khan, asked him to change his mind. Khan promised to retreat […]

Oriental carpets in a modern interior

Oriental carpets in a modern interior

Since the middle of the last century, carpets have actively gained popularity. But at the beginning of the XIX century, they lost their relevance and were considered a relic of the past. Now these products are becoming very popular and relevant again. Most often, carpets are used to create an interior in a modern or […]

Chapans or robes are both traditional and trendy wardrobe items!

Uzbek robe will warm you in cold, and it will protect you from the sun in the heat! Uzbek chapan is not just a bathrobe, chapan is a treasure! And indeed it is! Surely, when everyone mentions the word “Uzbek” or Uzbekistan, an image of an old man with a skullcap on his head appears, […]

How to wash ikat fabric

How to wash ikat fabric

Today, one of the most popular fabrics that went down in history and continue to conquer the hearts of millions of people – ikat, deserves the best attention and of course care. So, in this article we will talk about how to care for this fabric and in what conditions it is necessary to be […]

A true history of blue indigo ikat

Technique of making ikat is by nature conservative. A production process is difficult to change; habits must be broken and many adjustments made. The easiest way of lowering the cost of a fabric was by varying the number of dye baths to which it was subject. The introduction of chemical dyes resulted in a dramatic […]

How to choose the best pillow shapes to enhance your decoration and make a room feel complete?

Would you like a different room style from time to time? Well, painting the walls or changing the furniture can result in an expensive solution that most of us may not be able to afford. If that your case, a simpler and cheaper way to give an instant makeover to your room is to include […]

Tips for Buying the Perfect Area Rug

So, you are looking for the right area rug to complete your home. An area rug can add a warm touch to a room and the design can truly complement your style. However, when buying an area rug for sale there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to decide what […]

Adding Accent to Your Home with Throw Pillows

Nothing makes a living area more inviting than with throw pillows. They are simple way of decorating that add a great touch to the room. A throw pillow can easily make a room warm and more inviting. You can also use throw pillows to add color to your room. Simply accenting the living area with […]