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An ottoman is a low seat. It differs from a chair, firstly, by a small height. And secondly, they may not have legs. They are not mandatory components of sets of upholstered furniture or other components of the interior. Their presence in the house is not considered a necessity. Often people don’t even remember buying […]

Satin: what kind of fabric, composition, properties, advantages and disadvantages

Satin: what kind of fabric, composition, properties, advantages and disadvantages

Satin is considered a type of silk fabric and it is a dense, strong, beautiful fabric that does not lose its properties after repeated washing, is pleasant to use, and durable. From it sew bedding, curtains, bedspreads, clothes. Satin is made on a loom. Strictly speaking, the word “satin” denotes the process of manufacturing the […]

Silk: the origin, types and characteristics of fabric care

Silk: the origin, types and characteristics of fabric care

Silk is a natural fabric that does not belong to plant or animal origin. It is obtained from the cocoon of a silkworm caterpillar. But there are also artificial and synthetic types of silk paintings. All of them are distinguished by their unique shine, smoothness and durability. Silk history There are many interesting legends about […]

Interesting facts about cotton

Interesting facts about cotton

Cotton is an ideal fabric, hygienic, environmentally friendly, “breathable” and biologically compatible with the human body. A variety of items are made from cotton, from clothing to interior elements. For example, ikat fabric is made of cotton and is used almost in every element of the interior and different types of clothes, accessories, bags and […]

Interesting facts about various fabrics. A dream about fabric: what does it mean?

In countries practicing Islam, men are not allowed to wear silk clothes in the Koran, since shiny fabrics are traditionally considered women’s. Islam is also forbidden to destroy animals for the pursuit of luxury, so Muslim countries cannot engage in silk production either. When trying to relocate cashmere goats to England and Scotland, it turned […]

Interesting facts about different types of fabric

Interesting facts about different types of fabric

Fabrics, textiles are products made from plant, animal and chemical fibers. Basically, most of the textiles are used for sewing clothes and shoes, but it is also used for sewing bedding, curtains and curtains, making bedspreads and blankets, in the furniture industry and other industries. The first textile fibers were slightly treated herbs. Bags, fishing […]

Ikat fabric: Traditional Textile and Ornament of Indonesia, Sumba Island

Ikat fabric: Traditional Textile and Ornament of Indonesia, Sumba Island

Sumba is an island untouched by modern tourism. Sumba has something to offer. Beautiful ikat weaving, which is known throughout Asia and a very interesting megalithic culture with unique funeral rituals. The island is surrounded by pristine nature with beautiful and secluded white sandy beaches. The most popular art and craft of Sumba is a […]

Silk production in Uzbekistan


Margilan has been known for its silks since ancient times. Due to the convenient location of the city (located in the Ferghana Valley at the intersection of two trade routes), silk was delivered by whole caravans to Kashgar, Baghdad, Khorasan. At times, caravans sold silk even in Greece. Silk from Margilan is considered high-quality, and […]

Bukhara will acquire the status of a world city of artisans

The delegation of Uzbekistan, headed by the deputy chairman of the “Hunarmand” Association, Aziz Murtazaev, took part in the forum in Malaysia on November 16 this year. The World Council of Artisans of the Asia-Pacific Region is the largest regional branch of the World Council of Artisans, which operates under the auspices of UNESCO. It […]

Fashionable colour in ikat fabrics in 2020 – variety of shades, colour combination

Fashionable colour in ikat fabrics in 2020

In 2020, there will be no simplicity in the colour range of ikat fabrics: The pressed rose, Iriska, some dark shades of green – at first glance, return us to autumn. But it is impossible to deny their refined charm! One of the leaders of the season is yellow, or rather its shades: golden aspen, […]

Properties of ikat fabric, its production features

Properties of ikat fabric

Ikat is a particular fabric pattern that is achieved with a process called resist dyeing, in which various techniques are used to make certain parts of the fabric “resist” dyeing. Despite the fact that ikat is traditionally produced in many places around the world, this small term for a pattern has entered the international vocabulary […]

Festivals of Uzbekistan: immersion into an oriental tale. International Festival “Silk and Spices”

International Festival "Silk and Spices"

In Uzbekistan, annually many festivals, dedicated to the city, the traditions and customs of the nation are held. The most popular festivals in Uzbekistan are: “SILK AND SPICES” INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (Bukhara) “SHARK TARONALARI” (MELODIES OF THE EAST) INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (Samarkand) “MAGIC OF DANCE” INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (Khiva) “BOYSUN BAKHORI” (BAYSUN SPRING) INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE FESTIVAL (Baysun) Each […]