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Interesting facts about different types of fabric

Interesting facts about different types of fabric

Fabrics, textiles are products made from plant, animal and chemical fibers. Basically, most of the textiles are used for sewing clothes and shoes, but it is also used for sewing bedding, curtains and curtains, making bedspreads and blankets, in the furniture industry and other industries. The first textile fibers were slightly treated herbs. Bags, fishing […]

Silk production in Uzbekistan


Margilan has been known for its silks since ancient times. Due to the convenient location of the city (located in the Ferghana Valley at the intersection of two trade routes), silk was delivered by whole caravans to Kashgar, Baghdad, Khorasan. At times, caravans sold silk even in Greece. Silk from Margilan is considered high-quality, and […]

The New Year 2020: what presents from ikat can please your loved ones and friends?

What can you give to your family members and friends for the New Year 2020? Colorful garlands, bright showcases, crazy discounts – all this attracts you to get a gift for your loved ones for New Year 2020. But what if you absolutely do not know what to buy for a gift in the Year […]

What will be in fashion in 2020: the latest tendencies of the season, trends and antitrends

What will be in fashion in 2020

The cold season has already arrived, and it would useful to know what awaits us and what is worth paying attention to when buying new clothes. What is fashionable and what has already lost its relevance? And also, what kind of clothes from the ikat fabric will be a good addition to your wardrobe? Trends […]

The most beautiful textiles in the world are Uzbek ikat and suzani. Glossary of Uzbek fabrics

The most beautiful textiles in the world are Uzbek ikat and suzani

There are at least two unique Uzbek textiles – suzani and ikat. Susanis are embroidered in silk or cotton with bright motifs, including cloves, pomegranates, irises, tulips and discs representing the sun or moon. Describing the motives and all the beauty of the Uzbek ikat, one can emphasize their bewitching magnificence. They are amazing – […]

Arts and crafts in Uzbekistan

Arts and crafts in Uzbekistan

Decorative and applied art of Uzbekistan is an original and exclusive work of folk craftsmen, artisans, who transfer their skills from generation to generation. By investing a piece of soul in everything, over the centuries they have created unique patterns of products: whether it’s utensils for the home or decoration of the home, a unique […]



Jewelry in Uzbekistan has existed for more than three millennia. It has long been customary to endow many ornaments with the magical properties of amulets and talismans. In the ancient settlement of Dalverzintepa, in the south of the country, during excavations by archaeologists, a shelter was found in which there were precious items and jewelry […]

Uzbek embroidery – types and meaning

Uzbek suzani

Embroidery is still the most common type of needlework for Uzbek women. This work is traditionally carried out by girls and women. Previously, embroidery of settled Uzbeks was an integral part of the traditional interior of Uzbek houses. Suzanis were hung on the walls, bedspreads (shoshabi or ruigio), prayer rugs (zhoynamoz), tablecloths (dastarkhan), bedspreads for […]

Tashkent will be the venue for the impressive International Symposium on IKAT

Tashkent will be the venue for the impressive International Symposium on IKAT in October 2020 Along with unique architecture, centuries-old cultural and gastronomic traditions, Uzbekistan is famous for its national fabrics. Ikat can rightly be called a work of art and a visiting card of the country. Cheerful, bright, rainbow, ikat fully conveys the flavor […]

Chapans or robes are both traditional and trendy wardrobe items!

Uzbek robe will warm you in cold, and it will protect you from the sun in the heat! Uzbek chapan is not just a bathrobe, chapan is a treasure! And indeed it is! Surely, when everyone mentions the word “Uzbek” or Uzbekistan, an image of an old man with a skullcap on his head appears, […]

Ikat – the perfect fabric for sewing curtains?

Ikat curtains

The decoration of the window for many centuries remains the most important decorative and functional detail in the design of any interior. That is why, choosing the fabric for curtains, it is necessary to take into account many factors. To create an appropriate and attractive image, it is not enough to choose a material of […]

How Indian ikat differs from uzbek ikat?

How Indian ikat differs from uzbek ikat?

There are many examples of uzbek ikat and its features, but do you know anything about Indian ikat? Ikat is one of the oldest known patterned textiles in the world, with a history that spans across multiple cultures and is known to have existed in India since the 6th Century. Traditionally, Ikat was a symbol […]