Ikat backpacks – a new trend that has conquered modern society

Backpacks came into fashion again. And no wonder. After all, it is very convenient to travel with them in a modern metropolis. The main advantage: the backpack can be worn behind the back, so the hands remain free. It is much more comfortable with it to walk around the city, to walk long distances. And […]

Royal silk – has become fashionable again?!

Once upon a time, one of the rulers of Margilan, who had four wives, decided to marry for the fifth time. He fell in love with the young beautiful daughter of the artist. The artist was upset upon hearing of the intention of the Khan, asked him to change his mind. Khan promised to retreat […]

Calligraphy – the way of self-improvement

Every civilization has grown on the basis of some kind of scripture. Sacred words, flowing into the writing, acquire a material appearance. Therefore, each civilization sought to decorate its writing. The writing of Ancient Egypt, China, India, Ancient Rome and the Islamic world appeared in this way. In some cases, the writing became sacred, the […]

Oriental carpets in a modern interior

Oriental carpets in a modern interior

Since the middle of the last century, carpets have actively gained popularity. But at the beginning of the XIX century, they lost their relevance and were considered a relic of the past. Now these products are becoming very popular and relevant again. Most often, carpets are used to create an interior in a modern or […]

Chapans or robes are both traditional and trendy wardrobe items!

Uzbek robe will warm you in cold, and it will protect you from the sun in the heat! Uzbek chapan is not just a bathrobe, chapan is a treasure! And indeed it is! Surely, when everyone mentions the word “Uzbek” or Uzbekistan, an image of an old man with a skullcap on his head appears, […]

Souvenirs of Uzbekistan – a particle of the East for a long-lasting memory

Can you imagine a trip abroad without memorable souvenirs? Souvenirs are not only gifts for loved ones, but also a memory, a part of the country you visited. In our country, the culture synthesized nomadic and agricultural cultures, which are originally adjacent to its territory, you will find many Uzbek souvenirs that you will want […]

Artistic chasing — the oldest craft of Uzbekistan

The origins of arts and crafts go back centuries. Modern craftsmen and masters, carefully preserving and continuing the traditions of decorative and applied art, creatively developed it, enriching it with new compositional ideas embodied in metal to perfection. Their works were distinguished by a variety of artistic forms, a wealth of creative imagination and technical […]

Ikat Pillows & Pillowcases

For the first time pillows were used as a decorating element for a long time. With their help, designers placed accents using products with a bright color or print. Over time, this became quite popular, most beginning designers adopted an easy but effective way to dilute the background of a room. The decorative pillow is […]

Ikat – fabric conquered the world!

Bright, sunny fabric with patterns on it … As bold as our generous sun! The same kind and positive, as our friendly people! Ikat is not a type of pattern, not a combination of colors, it is a unique technique of making fabrics, which consists of the procedure when threads are first painted and then […]

The creation of ikat in Indonesia

Not many people know the origin of Indonesian ikat, and today we will tell you about this laborious process. Indonesia is the city of batik and ikat, the most beautiful handmade ethnic fabrics. This fabric is created on the island of Bali, this place is also called the “Island of the Gods”. In Bali, the […]

Hand woven ikat vs printed ikat fabric

According to the production technology, ikat can be handmade and printed. Before the advent of ikat printing technology, only handmade ikat existed, and its creation is a rather laborious task. First, we want to tell you a little about natural fabrics, which even in our speedy time some more craftsmen weave in hand from cotton […]

Ikat – a new trend in interior design, born in the East

The traditional oriental ornament ikat today is at the height of fashion. The production of silk fabric with a pattern reminiscent of a rainbow reflection that trembles in a ripple of water begins with silkworm caterpillars. In the spring, these insects are woven into cocoons, and after a few days, these cocoons are removed and […]