Rishtan ceramics – all life in one plate

Rishtan ceramics

Ceramics is one of the oldest forms of art and over the years it has absorbed the traditions of various historical periods. Since ancient times, Uzbekistan has been famous for first-class ceramics, not only beautiful, but also high-quality. In recent years, many fakes designed plates for tourists have appeared around the world, and only real […]

Tashkent will be the venue for the impressive International Symposium on IKAT

Tashkent will be the venue for the impressive International Symposium on IKAT in October 2020 Along with unique architecture, centuries-old cultural and gastronomic traditions, Uzbekistan is famous for its national fabrics. Ikat can rightly be called a work of art and a visiting card of the country. Cheerful, bright, rainbow, ikat fully conveys the flavor […]

Oriental pillows in interior design

Home textiles will add notes of sophistication and comfort to any interior. Oriental-style decorative pillows give a special chic and charm to the interior design of any direction. Therefore, they are often used for interior decoration in a different style. Noble textures such as velvet, tapestry, lace are suitable for aristocratic interiors in the Baroque […]

Uzbek national toys

One of the unique phenomena that have been preserved in Uzbekistan since ancient times is the national toy – funny ceramic figures made in the best traditions of the Uzbek masters, carrying a large charge of good energy. In each locality, it contains distinctive unique features. Uzbek national toys are traditionally made of clay. As […]

Kilim carpets in the interior

What comes to your mind when you hear about the Arabian East? Probably, endless deserts with picturesque oases, domes of Muslim mosques, fairy tales “1000 and 1 nights” and, of course, luxurious carpets. Despite the fact that this accessory has long been known in many cultures, it was the East that made the most significant […]

Art miniature – a peculiar phenomenon of oriental painting

A miniature of the East … A unique phenomenon in the history of world art, attracting with its special vision of the beautiful world, absorbing the artistic experience of many generations and people of the Middle and Near East, Central Asia. Researchers see the origins of miniature painting in fabulously mythological images of books, a […]

The beauty of the patterns and seven colors of happiness of abr fabric

It is enough to look at the photographs depicting the patterns of ikat and suzani techniques to understand: the first thing that mysteriously attracts you to them is, of course, the color palette. Color therapy is the initial stage of involvement in the magic of oriental ornaments. But when the fabric itself is in front […]

How to decorate the walls with painted copper plates?

In ancient Greece dishes were divided into dining rooms and decorative ones, in China in the 7th century they learned how to produce porcelain dishes, but in Europe the secret of the finest Chinese porcelain was unraveled only in the Middle Ages. But how did the tradition to hang decorative plates on the wall appear? […]

Ikat backpacks – a new trend that has conquered modern society

Backpacks came into fashion again. And no wonder. After all, it is very convenient to travel with them in a modern metropolis. The main advantage: the backpack can be worn behind the back, so the hands remain free. It is much more comfortable with it to walk around the city, to walk long distances. And […]

Royal silk – has become fashionable again?!

Once upon a time, one of the rulers of Margilan, who had four wives, decided to marry for the fifth time. He fell in love with the young beautiful daughter of the artist. The artist was upset upon hearing of the intention of the Khan, asked him to change his mind. Khan promised to retreat […]

Calligraphy – the way of self-improvement

Every civilization has grown on the basis of some kind of scripture. Sacred words, flowing into the writing, acquire a material appearance. Therefore, each civilization sought to decorate its writing. The writing of Ancient Egypt, China, India, Ancient Rome and the Islamic world appeared in this way. In some cases, the writing became sacred, the […]