Ikat – as a modern trend

Khan-atlas, adras, suzane, bakhmal, ikat won the hearts and settled in the wardrobes of far from not only Uzbek girls, but also world-famous fashionists. Perhaps the most popular in the fashion industry have earned the traditional Uzbek fabrics made by ikat technology. Traditional ikat is the most complex and entirely manual technic of weaving. Ikat […]

What is the uniqueness of ikat fabric?

Ikat is not only the name of a fabric with blurry patterns. This is the name of the weaving technique itself, in which bunches of silk threads are painted according to the master’s idea and put into a pattern. That is why the contours of the ornaments are not clear, but slightly blurred. Patterns can […]

What symbols are hidden in suzani?


An ancient tradition says: so that the weddings in the house do not end, so that the daughter is healthy, so that the joy is not interrupted – leave a small pattern on your suzani unfinished. As you already understood, suzani is not just a special part of Uzbek culture and art; this is an […]

Giant suzane

Giant suzane

Giant suzane One of the most extraordinary and historically rich oriental products is suzane, that is, an embroidered decorative panel of white (less often colored) cotton fabric or silk, common among the peoples of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as an element of interior decoration. From farsi “Suzan” is translated as “needle”, “needle”. The characteristic patterns of […]

A true history of blue indigo ikat

Technique of making ikat is by nature conservative. A production process is difficult to change; habits must be broken and many adjustments made. The easiest way of lowering the cost of a fabric was by varying the number of dye baths to which it was subject. The introduction of chemical dyes resulted in a dramatic […]

The content of hand woven Ikat fabric

Ikat making refers to the tie-dyeing method which gives the textiles their unique vibrancy of colour and design. Ikat is an ancient technique, a method of wrapping yarns to form areas of resist, and then dyeing these sections of yarn before the weaving of a cloth begins. Ikat making is well known in many parts […]

Historical view on ikat creation

Historical view on ikat creation

If anyone is lucky enough to be in Central Asia once, he or she will forever remember fabrics with surprisingly bright, rainbow transitions. Hundreds of fabrics have been excavated in Central Asia since the late nineteenth century. Fabrics of Chinese, Iranian and Central Asian manufacture from the great period of the Silk Road, the first […]

The meaning of Ikat patterns

The extraordinarily light and brilliant ikat fabrics carry a weighty burden. Their complex motifs are drawn from a vast repertory of Central Asian pattern, their dynamic lines and rich handling of color are founded in Central Asia’s lengthy and vital artistic tradition. Islamic artists made a conscious effort to describe the pattern of the universe […]

Ikat as a decorative element

Ikat as a decorative element

Fabrics made using the ikat technique left their mark on the history of various nations. Since old times they were produced in China and Japan, India and Thailand, Mexico and Brazil, on the islands of Indonesia and in Central Asia. Nowadays, the ikat motif is extremely popular – it is actively used by manufacturers of […]

Uzbek ceramics


Pottery manufacture for many centuries has been the most highly developed kind of Handmade pottery in Central Asia. Irrigated and non-porous ceramics of the leading centers had local features, manifested in the uniqueness of forms, ornamental décor and color. The traditional centers of ceramic production, which have survived to this day, include Rishtan, Gizhduvan, Khiva, […]

Materials for coinage and types of coinage

Types of coinage

Types of coinage and materials for coinage From time immemorial, as soon as people learned to melt metal, chasing metal is used. This method of decorating metal consists in applying an ornament to the surface of the metal by knocking it out. The product acquires a relief, creating a unique ornament. Coinage since ancient times, […]