Uzbek ceramics


Pottery manufacture for many centuries has been the most highly developed kind of Handmade pottery in Central Asia. Irrigated and non-porous ceramics of the leading centers had local features, manifested in the uniqueness of forms, ornamental décor and color. The traditional centers of ceramic production, which have survived to this day, include Rishtan, Gizhduvan, Khiva, […]

Materials for coinage and types of coinage

Types of coinage

Types of coinage and materials for coinage From time immemorial, as soon as people learned to melt metal, chasing metal is used. This method of decorating metal consists in applying an ornament to the surface of the metal by knocking it out. The product acquires a relief, creating a unique ornament. Coinage since ancient times, […]

Moroccan poufs for the interior

Moroccan poufs for the interior

Morocco is a country that inspires to create exquisite, unique and stylish interior items. In Morocco, many exclusive things are created, famous throughout the world, original in their coloring. One of these unique masterpieces is the Moroccan ottomans. This very practical element of interior design was created many centuries ago. Moroccan poufs combine practicality and […]

What is silk excelsior?

What is silk excelsior?

Among all kinds of natural fabrics, excelsior silk has special tenderness and noble elegance. Practically weightless, emitting light pearlescent sheen, comparable to pearls, this material is truly luxurious. Natural silk has many varieties. Excelsior is the most delicate and thin among the representatives of fabrics made from natural silk of the kind of hobotai and […]

Carpet – is the symbol of the soul of Turkmenistan

Turkmen carpets

The Turkmen carpet is a household name, a trademark known all over the world, and a sign of the highest craftsmanship and durability, they are said to be: “stronger than stone, more tender than roses”. The history of the Turkmen carpet is deeply rooted in ancient antiquity. During the excavation of the ancient settlement of […]